As responsible balloon professionals, we have taken the decision to no longer support the release of any type of balloon into the atmosphere, as we wish to help protect the enviromnent from any unnecessary litter. 

We urge our customers, and others to support our decison and not let go of any helium-filled balloons. 

We would love to help you find a good alternative to balloon releases that can be easily and responsibly disposed of after your event. Some of our suggestions may be:


-Using balloon/bubble clouds as a release alternative - there are companies such as Smile Clouds, Bubbloons and Flogos (Main     UK based company). 

-Making giant bubbles using your own bubble solution. 

-Flying colourful kites with messages attatched. 

-Sending real flowers afloat down a river/stream or in the sea. 

-A decorated notice or pinboard to leave messages for your loved one or celebration. 

- Similar to the noticboard, a memory book to leave messages, photos and tokens in. 

-Create a group memorial, buy a canvas or large card and leave pens/ paints and any other materials nearby and let your guests fill in the rest. 

-If you have an outdoor space for your event buy a few packs of pavement chalk and ask everyone to draw or write a message - this will wash away in a few days without effecting the nearby environment. 

These are just a few of our suggestions but theres a whole host of ideas online you can access with a quick google.